About us

host, marine biologist, almost a Dr, and aspirational podcast jingle singer
host, producer, editor, general nature fan and borderline addicted to coffee

Meet Emma & Lloyd

Two green-minded chums from University, we started For What It’s Earth podcast with the hope of making conversations about big environmental topics informative but also fun, and always aim to pair the science and understanding with the solutions, empowering all of us with actions we can take in our own lives to try to, like, save the planet, a bit.

Each week we explore a different topic, from fishing to fast fashion, wildfires to rewilding, and we kick off every episode by asking each other ‘What one good thing have you done for the planet this week?’ to keep the good ideas flowing and make sure we practice what we preach.

Hear more from us

We’ve been on some other podcasts!

The Cosmic Shed: Avatar

Emma & Lloyd join Andrew and co for an episode of the Cosmic Shed, rewatching and discussing Avatar.

Emma has also joined the show to chat to BBC natural history director Chadden Hunter and to chat about climate change in the Arctic.

Small Screen Science

In Small Screen Science podcast, Emma & friend Karen explore the science behind the UK’s favourite TV shows.


Emma joins Will to explore some of the environment science press releases of November 2020.

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